• Are there other schools on Long Island that offer the IB Diploma Program?

    Long Island school districts that have been authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program include Northport, Commack, Locust Valley, West Islip, Long Beach, North Shore, Sag Harbor, South Side, and Bay Shore. Additional Long Island districts are in the application process.

    What student costs are associated with the IB program?

    There is a one-time student registration fee if a student elects to take the full IB Diploma Program. There is also an exam fee for each IB subject test. This is similar to testing fees for AP exams. Some colleges offer a full year of credit for successful completion of the IB Diploma Program, offering our students a favorable cost/benefit ratio in post-high school graduation. Credit for individual IB courses is also offered by many colleges.

    Which students in the high school will be able to take IB courses?

    As per our current policy of student self-selection for courses, any student in 11th or 12th grade will be able to register for an IB class. Similar to our current placement process, our counselors will meet with individual students to review their selections. Following this, some students will elect to take all classes required for the diploma, others may elect to take only those classes that appeal to their specific skill set, and some will stay in the regular Regents track. This process allows the door to rigorous coursework to be open to all students. However, in selecting IB courses, our students will be advised that they represent the most rigorous coursework available to our students.