New Student Registration

  • New student registration takes place in the District Office at 495 Hoffman Lane, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Registration packets need to be completed before the registration appointment since some forms MAY BE NEED TO BE NOTARIZED.  Packets can be requested for mailing by calling 631-761-8260, or picked up in the reception area at District Office 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM.  
    All required documentation is thoroughly explained in the registration packet, and includes the following:
    These documents must be submitted at the time of registration or within two days of enrollment in order for the District to make a timely determination as to the student’s entitlement to attend District schools.

      Documentation of age - In order to determine, for instance, the programming needs of your child/children,you will need to provide proof of age by providing one of the following:

    a.       An original or certified transcript of a birth certificate or record of baptism (including an original or certified transcript of a foreign birth certificate or record of baptism) giving the date of birth; or

    b.      passport (including foreign passport) giving the date of birth

    Where the above are not available, the School District may consider certain other documents/records in existence two years or more to determine age.  On or more of these documents may be necessary.  The documents are as follows:

    o   official driver’s license

    o   state or other government issued identification

    o   school photo identification with date of birth

    o   consulate identification card

    o   hospital or health records

    o   military dependent identification card

    o   documents issued by federal, state or local agencies (for instance, local social services agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement)

    o   court orders or other court-issued documents

    o   Native American trial document

    o   records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies

    o   Note: The School District may need to verify these documents/record

         Proof of Residency is required. According to NY State Law, in order to register your child/children in the School District, you must be physically domiciled at your address within the School District’s geographic boundaries.

Last Modified on June 21, 2019