• Hauppauge Middle School's 
    Pause 4 Paws Puppy Club
    Revised 4/5/16
    (Mrs. Shapiro's Border Collie demonstrating an A-frame during agility training) 
  • Frequently Asked Questions
     puppy club friends
    When will Puppy Club begin?  
    Puppy Club will begin this March 2016.  Due to such a high interest in the club last year, this year it will be broken into (2) separate groups that will meet a total of 5 times each.  Please listen for announcements for sign up in February 2016.  
    What do you do in Puppy Club?

    Puppy Club is for any student who has a true compassion for animals.  The purpose of this club is to teach students about trust, belonging, stereotyping, compassion and service through presentations and guest speakers.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about animal rescue, service animals and also will be introduced to various dog sports (agility, disc dog, field dog, obedience, etc).  There are canine guests that accompany our speakers.  

    Can I bring my dog?
    Unfortunately no, we are not able to allow students to bring their pets from home.   
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     In April 2016, students meet a young Lab mix available for adoption through the NYS Retriever Rescue Group.  Students also get to enjoy the company of a Golden Retriever who was adopted from the rescue group a few years ago.
  •  Past Puppy Club Events:
    Mrs. Fletcher came to visit with her Dachshund puppy Guinness