• Earn and Learn. Begin to plan your career research and exploration activities. In this course you will create a career plan to lay the foundation for sound career decision making. First, you will explore “who you are” and then determine what careers are best suited for you. Class activities will include self-assessment, researching careers and identifying opportunities post high school to get you on your way down the career path. In addition to our classroom activities, this course grants you school credit for working at an approved part-time job. You will receive ½ credit for every 150 hours worked during the school year. Qualifying students will have the opportunity for early dismissal in order to pursue employment.
    Please note: Enrollment in the work experience program does not grant students permission to drive to school. Only seniors and juniors enrolled in a work experience program that possess Class D licenses will be permitted to drive to and from school through the security office. Regular meetings with the Work Experience Coordinator are required to discuss on the job experiences as well as provide an updated total of hours worked. A reflection paper is due at the end of the student’s final semester in the program. Requirements: Employment must adhere to state and federal tax laws (the job must be “on the books”) and must provide their own transportation to their place of employment. 
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