Sports and Entertainment Marketing 


    Instructor:     Mr. Salvaggio

    Credit:          1 H.S. Elective Credit / 3 credits through SUNY Farmingdale College

    Prerequisite:   Junior/Senior status

    Textbook:      Sports And Entertainment Marketing
                         SOUTH-WESTERN; Kaser and Oelkers copyright 2001


    Course Description:


    A full-year course recommended for students planning to pursue business at the postsecondary level, as well as preparing for an entry-level position in the business world. Emphasis is placed on further developing competencies in the area of Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Students will learn marketing and management principles as they apply to the Sports & Entertainment Marketing fields. Three college credits will be available through Long Island University. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, a variety of projects and activities that are rooted in cooperative learning will be implemented. This course will feature a variety of computer simulations and Internet-based research projects that place students in roles such as team owner, event manager, agent, general manager, media specialist, copywriter, illustrator, sports information director, and public/community relations director. Students have an opportunity to earn three college credits through Long Island University in addition to high school credit.


    Course Outline:

    1.    What is Sports and Entertainment Marketing


    1.1. Marketing Basics

    1.2. Sports Marketing

    1.3. Entertainment Marketing

    1.4. Recreation Marketing

    2.    College and Amateur Sports


    2.1. MarketingCollegeAthletics

    2.2. Economic Impact of College Athletics

    2.3. Amateur Sports

    3.    Professional Sports


    3.1. Big League Sports

    3.2. Attracting a Professional Team

    3.3. Agents, Managers, and ethics

    4.    Marketing Products and Services


    4.1. Using Sports to Market Products

    4.2. Sponsorship

    4.3. Promotion


    5.    Public Image


    5.1. Public Relations

    5.2. Fans

    6.    Advancing The Cause


    6.1. Community Service

    6.2. The Post-Close Trial Balance

    7.    Sports Marketing


    7.1. Marketing Firms

    7.2. The Global Marketing

    7.3. Careers in Sports Marketing

    8.    Entertainment Industry


    8.1. Entertainment Profits

    8.2. Distribution of Entertainment

    8.3. Marketing Music

    8.4. Awards and Annual Events

    8.5. Entertainment Marketing Careers

    9.    Marketing Entertainment


    9.1. Customized Entertainment

    9.2. Entertainment Technology and Marketing

    9.3. World Entertainment

    10.           Recreation Marketing


    10.1.           Recreational Sports

    10.2.           Travel and Tourism

    10.3.           Resorts and Theme Park

    10.4.           Recreation Marketing

    11.           Marketing Plans


    11.1.           Promotion

    11.2.           Marketing Research

    11.3.           Develop a Marketing Plan

    11.4.           The Bottom line


    12.           Legal Issue for Sports and Entertainment


    12.1.           Laws and Contracts

    12.2.           Unions

    12.3.           Licensing

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