• Welcome to Nyvall's IBESS page.  
    Please use this page as your primary source for current information about our current IBESS topics of study, assignments and due dates.
    Extra help is Thursday from 2:15-2:45pm in room 344. I can make an appointment to meet at another time if you speak with me first in order to work out a schedule.
    All homework is to be completed on your Google account, showing all work and writing full sentence answers unless otherwise instructed.  "Share" your work with me at nyvallr@hauppauge.k12.ny.us.  You should check this site daily to keep current with our work in IBESS.  All assignments are due by the time I see you in class on the due date listed on my website.  Late assignments will not be graded and a zero will be entered as your grade.
    Check out these resources to review for your IBESS exams.
    http://envirohome.wikispaces.com/IB+ESS+EXAM+NOTES (Topic Notes condensed outline/ May 2010 exam papers with answer key).  Old exam is in the IBESS Documents link under Past Papers.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nK9dPrSwZ0 (Tips for the IBESS Exam- brief video) 
    Also, study your "Command Terms" and official "ESS Glossary".  They are attached at the bottom of this website (pp.68-75 in your Environmental systems and societies guide.)  Email me any questions you have and I will get back to you ASAP.  My email is nyvallr@gmail.com  
    'Till the end of the year
    Work on Final Project (due date to be announced later).
    Week of 5/16
    Monday and Tuesday- IBESS Practice Papers 1 & 2.  These count for a test grade. 
    Wednesday 5/18- IBESS Paper 1 7:30am (1 hour).
    Friday 5/20- IBESS Paper 2 12:00pm (2 hours).
    Week of 5/09
    Review for IBESS Papers. 
    Monday- Review Topic 1.
    Tuesday- Review Topics 2 & 3. 
    Wednesday- Review Topic 4.
    Thursday- Review Topics 5 & 6.
    Friday- Review Topic 7. 
    Week of 5/02
    Review for IBESS Papers. 
    Monday- Work on May 2014 Paper 1
    Tuesday- Grade May 2014 Paper 1
    Wednesday- Assign Review Topics #1-7.  Work on May 2014 Paper 2.
    Thursday- Work on May 2014 Paper 2.
    Friday- Grade May 2014 Paper 1.  
    Week of 4/25
    Spring Recess- Schools closed April 25-29. 
    Week of 4/18
    Monday- Air Pollution Lab due.
    Wednesday- Read the IB Papers "Answer Booklet Guide" I gave you today.  Let me know if you have any questions how to fill in your answer booklet on Papers day!  Also, make a safe note of your personal "Session number".  You will need it for Papers day! and to find out your Papers scores when they come through. 
    Thursday- Environmental Value Systems Notes due. 
    Friday-  Environmental Value Systems Test.  Happy Earth Day 2016!
    Week of 4/11
    Wednesday- Trash Inventory Lab due.
    Thursday- An Inconvenient Truth notes due. 
    Friday- Global Warming Test. 
    Week of 4/04
    Wednesday- Test Pollution. 
    Friday- 3rd Quarter Marking Period Ends. 
    Week of 3/28
    Thursday- All lab revisions due for Soil, Population, and Water Quality Labs.  These are your final revisions for submission of IB Internal Assessment. 
    Week of 3/14
    Monday- Begin your daily trash inventory (Lab due Friday 3/25/16). 
    Thursday- No extra help today. 
    Week of 3/07
    Monday- Long Island Groundwater/Water cycle due.
    Friday- Water Quality Lab due.  Don't forget, this Friday 3/11/16 is progress report time.  All work needs to be done today.  
    Week of 2/29
    Monday-  Bring in a water sample for testing in class on Tuesday (from anywhere you want.).  You each must have your own water sample from a different location than your classmates. 
    Tuesday- We will be using your collected water samples for our Water Quality Lab.  Each individual needs a separate sample to test. 
    Wednesday- HW due, read text Topic 5.1-5.3 Pollution management, pp.217-230 and answer "Exercises" p.218 #1-3, p.223 #1-4, p.230 #1-6.  Share individually with Google Drive.  
    Friday- BP oil spill reflection due. 
    Week of 2/22 
    Wednesday- Endangered Species Presentation due today.  We will present them in class tomorrow.
    Thursday- Conservation and Biodiversity homework due today.  
    Friday- Review and Test Conservation and Biodiversity.
    Week of 2/15
    Mid-Winter Recess.  Schools closed. 
    Week of 2/08
    Monday- Snow day.  Schools closed.
    Thursday- Plate Tectonics packet due in class.  Hand in on paper.
    Friday- Case Study Darwin's Finches assignment due on Google classroom. 
    Week of 1/25
    Monday- Last day of classes for Quarter 2.  
    Tuesday- Friday Midterm Week.
    Thursday- IBESS Midterm, January 28, 2016, 7:45-9:45am, room 306.  Bring pens, pencils and a calculator.  Arrive at 7:30am.  
    Week of 1/18
    Monday- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Schools closed.
    Wednesday- Forest Management Project due.
    Friday- Kilowatt Ours reflection due. 
    Week of 1/11 
    Wednesday- 3.8 Environmental demands of human populations HW due.  Turn in on Google classroom.
    Thursday- Population dynamics test today.  (Textbook 3.1, 3.7, 3.8) 
    Friday- Population Lab due.  Also, make sure you have watched, and are prepared to discuss details about The Lorax.  You will find the streaming video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA4k2E0ZzTk 
    Week of 1/04 
    Welcome back.
    Tuesday- Lily Pond Parable due.
    Friday- World in the Balance notes due.
    Week of 12/21 
    Monday-Tuesday- Watch Virunga documentary in class.  Make sure all of your existing assignments are complete before the holiday break.
    Wednesday- Have a nice break!
    Thursday- Winter Recess.  Schools closed December 24- January 1. 
    Week of 12/14 
    Monday-  Soil Lab due.  Turn in on Google classroom.  Be ready to discuss your Food Resources assignment in class today.  (Bring a flag to represent your country).  
    Tuesday- Test 3.4 The soil system and 3.5 Food resources. 
    Week of 12/07
    Tuesday- The Botany of Desire assignment due.  Turn in on Google classroom. 
    Friday- Food resources assignment due to present in class.  
    Week of 11/30 
    Tuesday- "Dirt The Movie" film questions due.  Upload on Google classroom.  Bring in your soil samples.  We will go outside for class today, rain or shine, so watch the weather and dress appropriately. 
    Friday- Soil Analysis Questions due. 
    Week of 11/23 
    Monday/Tuesday- Watch and write notes about "Dirt The Movie" 
    Wednesday- Have a nice holiday weekend!
    Thursday/Friday- Thanksgiving recess.  Schools closed.
    Week of 11/16 
    Monday- Succession HW due.  
    Tuesday- Life After People film notes due.  Succession Quiz (a brief one) based on your introductory knowledge of Primary and Secondary Succession from the HW and Notes. 
    Thursday- Succession Presentations in class/review for Succession Quiz. 
    Friday- Succession Quiz.  Study your reading from the text and the notes/slideshow from class. 
    Week of 11/09 
    Tuesday- Succession HW due.  Your IB payment was due last Friday 11/06.  It is now late.  You must speak with Mrs. Ryan about why it is late, then return the signed form and check to Ms. Zappacosta in the High School main office.
    Wednesday- Veterans Day.  Schools closed.  
    Friday- Lab Revisions Tragedy of the Commons and Sampling Labs due (turn in on Google classroom).  1st Quarter Marking Period Ends. 
    Week of 11/02 
    Tuesday- Conference day.  Schools closed for students.  Sampling Notes due.  Turn in to Google classroom.  
    Friday- Sampling Lab due. 
    Week of 10/26 
    Monday- Quiz Biomes.
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- Watch the weather and dress accordingly.  On campus field trip (outside).
    Week of 10/19  
    Friday- Biomes Investigation due.  Turn in on Google classroom. 

    Week of 10/12 
    Monday- Columbus Day.  Schools closed.
    Tuesday- Moose and Wolves of Isle Royale activity due.  Upload to Google classroom.  
    Wednesday- Group review of Population interactions.  
    Thursday- Quiz Ecosystems Population interactions.   
    Week of 10/05 
    Monday- Eating at a lower trophic level lab activity due.  Upload on classroom page and bring in your trophic levels model.
    Friday- Biome biotic adaptation posters due today today.  We will discuss in class. 
    Week of 9/28 
    Wednesday- Topic 2.1-2.2 Food webs and energy guided notes due.  Upload on classroom page.
    Thursday- How do food webs work? form due.  Upload on classroom page. 
    Friday- Quiz Topic 2.1-2.2 Food webs and energy.  Tragedy of the Commons Lab due.  Print and hand in with IB Coversheet and Rubric.  Also, include a References page in APA format for any of the sources you refer to in your lab. 
    Week of 9/21 
    Tuesday- Quiz Topic 1 Systems and Models. 
    Wednesday- Yom Kippur Holiday.  No school.  
    Week of 9/14
    Monday/Tuesday- Rosh Hashanah Holiday.  No school. 
    Wednesday- Discuss "Tragedy of the Commons" article in class.
    Friday- Summer Assignments are due today.  Read text Topic 1 Systems and Models, pp.1-13.  Topic 1 Systems and Models Guided Notes due (submit individual copies on our Google Classroom page).  
    Week of 9/07
    Monday- Labor Day, no school.
    Tuesday- Download, print and read the "IBESS Grading Policy" (attached below) , and return it signed tomorrow.  Download and read "Tragedy of Commons" article so that we can discuss it in class tomorrow.
    Wednesday- Returned Signed Syllabus. 
    Friday- "Story of Stuff" reflection due.  You may collaborate in groups up to four students.  Include the names of all group members at the top of the document.  Save the file as "Story of Stuff" and share on Google Drive.  
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