• Hauppauge Middle School

    General Music 6 - Mr. Dorsa

    Course Outline 2015-2016




    Preparation and Attendance:          Please be on time for every class and be prepared with a notebook/folder and pen or pencil.


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:                                                                                     

    ·        Be courteous and respectful to your classmates and the teacher.

    ·        Stay in your seat for the duration of the class.

    ·        Complete all assignments by the assigned date.

    ·        Be sure to raise your hand if you have a question or a concern.

    ·        No gum chewing is allowed in Hauppauge Middle School.


    General Overview:                                                                                             


    Quarter 1:  Brief review of theory and fundamental concepts that were covered last year.

                            Review of listening skills that will be vital in being successful in 8th grade.

                            Introduction to more complex theory concepts and ideas.

                            Reading assignments based on the study of music history, science and theory.


    Quarter 2:  First computer project comprised of two weeks in the computer lab.

                            Continuation and completion of more complex theory and fundamental topics.

                            Reading assignments based on several different key composers in music history.

                            Theory and methods of songwriting and what goes into being successful.


    Quarter 3:  Introduction to songwriting forms and different rhyme schemes syllable patterns.

                            Analysis of song forms and composition of original songs.

                            Reading assignment based on the scientific study of music.

                            Second computer project comprised of two weeks in the computer lab.


    Quarter 4:  Introduction to the history of blues and jazz music.

                            Third computer project comprised of two weeks in the computer lab.

    Rock and Roll history unit utilizing powerpoint and various articles and video clips of music from the rock and roll historical timeline.

    Final review of main concepts that will be covered on the final exam.


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