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The Social Studies Department offers a wide variety of courses designed to fulfill the New York State requirements and encourage student growth, leadership and citizenship. In the middle school, students study the Eastern Hemisphere in 6th grade, United States history from Native Americans to the Civil War in 7th grade and United States history from Reconstruction to the present day in 8th grade.  In the high school, students study Global History and Geography or AP World History in 9th and 10th grades.  In 11th grade, students can choose from  United States History and Government or AP United States History or IB History of the Americas.  In 12th grade, students can choose from Participation in Governments and Economics, or AP US Government and Politics or IB History of the Americas.    An assortment of elective classes include college psychology and sociology through Syracuse University's Project Advance, as well as high school level criminal justice, everyday law, American history through film and pop culture.
 Mission/Goal Statement

The goal of the Hauppauge School District Social Studies Department is to develop students who understand democracy, the workings of our government, appreciate diversity, and have a solid foundation of research and critical thinking skills while meeting the needs of all students.   Students should possess the necessary skills that would allow each to become productive citizens in, and contribute to our global society.

NHD THEME 2016-17 - Taking a Stand in History

Mrs. Doreen Gordon
Director of Social Studies & Business
Mrs. Doreen Gordon is the Director of Social Studies and Business at Hauppauge Schools. Previously Mrs. Gordon was a social studies teacher at Hauppauge High School. She is also the Coordinator of the district's swim program.
Contact Information
Mrs. Gordon may be contacted by mail at the following address:
Doreen Gordon
Director of Social Studies & Business
Hauppauge Public Schools
500 Lincoln Blvd, PO Box 6006
Hauppauge NY 11788
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