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  • State Quarter Collection

    Mrs. Lukowski's 2nd grade class has been learning how to count money. The class decided it would be fun to collect all the state quarters of our country! So far, they have found all 50 state quarters and are also collecting the quarters of the five U.S. territories. They are still looking for the coins for the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. They are confident that they will find them before the school year ends!!! The students are having a great time learning about money and the United States of America!

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  • Kindergarten Teddy Bear Clinic

    The “Teddy Bear Clinic” is an injury prevention program for children sponsored by the Trauma Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. The children learned that accidents can happen, but most injuries are preventable. They learned that seat belts should always be worn and children should sit in the back seat and that children should sit in a car seat until they are 4’9” in height. The importance of wearing a helmet was demonstrated with an egg drop experiment. The egg wearing a helmet survived while the egg without the helmet cracked open. The children not only learned about safety, but also helped to fix up their own furry friend who was injured in an accident. They filled out an accident report, developed a treatment plan and applied bandages to help their patient get better. The “Teddy Bear Clinic” was a hit and our kindergartners gained the knowledge they need to stay safe. CLICK headline for more photos.

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  • Bretton Woods Places 10th in the Nation!!

    The LightSail 25 Reading Challenge was a one-month reading contest that tracked the average minutes read for every 4th and 5th grade participant on the digital LightSail platform. The challenge was open to classrooms across the U.S., uniting them with the common goal of reading as much as possible during each day of the challenge. CLICK on headline for full story.

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  • Birds of Prey

    Sweetbriar Nature Center visited our 5th grade students and introduced them to owls, falcons and hawks. They learned about adaptations that help these awesome birds survive, how humans are part of the picture, and how we can help them. Students learned each bird’s stories about how they came to be at Sweetbriar. CLICK for photos.

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  • 5th Grade Career Fair

    It's never too early to start planning for the future and what kind of careers might interest you. 5th graders spent the day with several different professionals who shared their knowledge and experience in order to give our students different perspectives on potential careers. Thank you to Mr. St. Pierre (Sales - Publishing, Walsworth Publishing Company), Mr. Vaughan (LI Power Solutions Solar Energy), Mrs. Loren Hason (Architectural Lighting Designer), Dr. Rodriguez (Physician, Port Jefferson Medical Care), Dr. Postel & Ms. Hoffman (Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental), Ms. Moore (Better Home Healthcare Agency), Mr. Titone (Airline Pilot), Mr. DeCicco (SONY Music), Mr. Bullard (Lawyer, Bullard Law Group, PLLC), Police Officers Dono, Steinmueller & LaVeglia (SCPD), and Mr. Mewhort (US Army). CLICK on the headline for photos.

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